What to be aware of when buying pallets?

We have asked Csaba Pikó, the Managing Director of Golden Pallet Ltd, about the problems could occur during pallet purchase?

In this interview comes to light, that what is it worth to think thorough before pallet purchase, what “pallet specification” is, and for who is it worth to buy individual pallets?

What is it worth to think thorough before pallet purchase?

Its worth it to think thorough before pallet purchase, that what is it exactly we need, standard (EUR) or individual pallets?
If we need individual pallets, the question is, do we need them with their pallet specification or without?
Also important, what’s the amount we need?, or how we’d like the delivery? (For example in “Just in time” system)
On the top of this we can ask for special treatments (fumigation, drying) and we need to be informed of this before the actual order.

You’ve mentioned Pallet specification. What is it good for?

It includes information’s, what is absolutely necessary for the production. It describes the species to be used during production, the size of the elements, their tolerances, the size of fasteners, the amount and their actual place in the pallet.

It’s also given in the specification the moisture content of the pallet, if fumigation needed, and it’s carrying capacity during different usage (evenly divided/spread or cumulative).

So I’ can turn to Golden Pallet Ltd with individual needs also?

Yes, of course, thankfully to our modern production technology, we can produce any sized or designed pallets on our lines.
Even in a little amount within a short time.
On the top of this- to take our partner’s interests into account- we aim to find the best cost.

What points do I’ need to take into account, if I’d like individual palllets?

It’s a good point to start at the actual product in case of individual pallet; we need to know the specific product.
So before ordering it’s worth it to have a good think, how many times and how will get the goods moved?

Or will be the packaging manually or and automated line? If these points thank thorough, we only need to find the producer, who with we can form our optimal sized and carrying capacity pallets, functioning perfectly.

If I’d like to buy standard EUR pallets, how can I’ check for it’s origin?

It’s worth purchasing directly from the manufacturer, because this is the most certain way to get standardized pallets.
When the manufacturer is chosen it can be useful to get a copy of the manufacturer’s license with the quotation.
It’s worth to be sure, not just about the standard markings during deliveries but the existence of the certifying fasteners also.
The descriptions of standards can be found on our web-page , or on mavrec.hu/en

If you have any doubts it can be a good idea to get in touch with the official authorizations, MÁVREC Kft. Their contact:

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