Pallet solutions

Most of our customers usually choose the standard and traditional pallets. At the same time in the last couple of years there was shown a higher demand for individual pallet solutions. We divide our pallets in 3 Groups:

EUR and STANDARD Pallets

EUR Pallet

The traditional EUR Pallets are the milestones in pallet manufacturing. Looking at their formation, they follow the UI 435-2 standard rules. At the moment we have these available for our customers in 3 Qualities.

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US Pallet

The US. Pallets are used mainly in North America; at the same time they are used worldwide. Sized: 48 ”x 40”. They are used mainly for shipping goods overseas.

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French II. Pallet

Looking at their size, French pallets are 1000 x 1200 x 158 mm. Manly used fo transporting goods in bags , or stacked goods.

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Düsseldorf Pallet

This light, still very sturdy pallet solution we recommend, who has to store their good in a smaller place on a daily bases. When it was designed, the main points where: smaller and lighter than the average , easily movable, still very strong framed and rugged.

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English Pallet

True to its name we are talking about a pallet, mainly used in the U.K., at the same time-similarly to others- this type is already spread in other counties also. Dimensions 1000 x 1200 mm, carrying capacity: 1.500 kg.

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CP Pallet

The CP Pallets scheme was started in the early 1990s by the German Chemicals Industry Association (VCI). In 1993, PlasticsEurope took over the management of the scheme from the VCI. PlasticsEurope’s experts developed detailed guidelines related to the size, quality of materials and marking

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VMF Pallet

The VMF pallet standard (D VMF 3071) was created in France for the glass industry, especially for bottle transportation. These pallets have to comply with high quality standards because they usually are run through automatic production chains.

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Traditional Pallets

Half Pallet

Looking at the half pallet’s dimensions they are exactly half a size of the traditional EUR pallet.Its size, weight and design make it easily movable and make storage in a smaller warehouse possible. Carrying capacity: 750 kg.

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Quarter Pallet

Looking at the dimensions of the quarter pallets produced by us (Display) , they are one quarter of the traditional EUR pallets. Thankfully to its unique size and design we recommend them for promotional purposes for our customers. Carrying capacity: 350 kg.

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Pallet Collars

Can be used in more forms: as ordinary pallet collar or completed with a lid, can be turned into a box. Can be taken apart and folded up, so you can save place in your warehouse.

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Individual Pallets

Falcon Pallet Group

These pallets where made mainly for heavy and durable usage. So their carrying capacity when they’re evenly loaded, more than 1.500 kg. Tolerates several loading well. Their size varies on a wide range.

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Swan Pallet Group

They are made in the same external dimensions as standard pallets. During the design of the pallets and the quality and size of the used up elements got taken into consideration.

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Hawk Pallet Group

The size of the pallets is usually 1000 x 1200 mm. The block is a bit towards the middle of the pallet so it creates an edge under the top deck. They are perfect to fix wrapping foil onto them. The edge can be created on the short and long side.

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Eagle Pallet Group

Thankfully to our modern production technology we are able to produce any sized and designed pallets within a short time even in a smaller amount. The products of the Eagle Group consist of completely individual solutions.

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Weawer Boxes

We recommend this product especially for goods break easily, to transport in and for storage. Their size and design can be adjusted to the goods to be packed and the way of transport. We distinguish the open ones (sides with grids) and the completely closed option.

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Pallet catalogue

We have created our pallet catalogue to make our customer’s life easier to be able to find the best pallet solution for them.

Whether we are talking about standard EUR, traditional, or other special solutions, you’ll find more information about our products and the connected services.

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