Pallet production with the support of EU

With the help of EU we have the chance to upgrade our transporting and technical equipment’s. So we make our partner’s life easier. Do you want to know how?

Quality increase at Golden Pallet!

We where able this year to step higher again thankfully to the co-financing of the EU’s Regional Development Fund: upgraded our handling and IT systems.

What does it mean in practice?

  • Faster deliveries: our new forklift trucks are safer to carry our pallets, so deliveries to our partners are quicker and easier.
  • Less loading time: loading time shortens, gets more predictable helping our quality pallet production
  • Bigger production capacity: with the faster handling our production capacity has increased also, so in the future we’ll have the opportunity to produce and deliver more Golden Pallet – pallets
  • Punctual time keeping: thanks to all our company we’ll be able to keep the promised delivery dates in the future too.

And it’s not all!

Next Order: with the upgrade of or IT equipment’s we have the chance to have a new system, which will allow or partners to keep their eye on their new pallets from the order to the delivery.

Golden Pallet Ltd. The rewarded 7.915.891 HUF –from the EU’s Regional Development Fund- will be invested (100% of it) for the benefits of their partners.

MAG-Magyar Gazdaságfejlesztési Központ Zrt.
Address: 1539 Budapest, Pf. 684.
Home office: 1139 Budapest, Váci út 8.

Golden Pallet’s tool equipment and IT developments

At Golden Pallet Ltd. (5525, Füzesgyarmat, Vásártér u. 3) with the support of EU , with co-financing of European Regional Fund, 7.915.891 HUF was invested in tools and IT development.

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