Pallet Control from 2011

From the 1st. Of January 2011. A new law will get implemented according to pallet moisture content.

What does it mean in practice?

Until now, the Hungarian pallet producers separated pallets as dried or non-dried EUR pallets. With this new law it is mandatory to dry the manufactured pallets, max 22% moisture content is stated.

Most Hungarian manufactures weren’t ready for these changes, but our background allowed us to produce the standardized dried pallets, as required. We where producing our pallets up until now accordingly to the new law, so we where a step ahead of the new rules, so more than 65% of our partner’s will not feel a thing about the changes.

In case of non-dried pallets the new rules going to mean better quality pallets.

Better Quality, because:

  • Dried pallets are lighter, so in case of a whole lorry it could mean hundred’s of kilos
  • It is not possible that the goods get moldy because of the wet pallets
  • The life of pallet’s life, stability, and structure is going to be long standing

How can you make sure, that the manufacturers will follow the restrictions?

This can be checked easily with manual equipment, moisture-meter. We are more than happy to help you to teach you the measuring process, so you can check the moisture on the accurate points. So you can be assured that the pallets comply with the quality standards.

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