Quality and environmental policy statement

Golden Pallet Kft specified the following ambitions for its long term business strategy:

  • We seek to sustain our strong market position in pallet production in Hungary through continuous scale up of our direct sales. For this purpose, we intend to strengthen our business relations with Hungarian users of quality pallets. We deliver premium quality show discipline in meeting deadlines to gain the recognition and trust of our customers.
  • We aim to progressively develop our foreign market position and to this end we intend to strengthen our established strategic partnership with our international partner.
  • We diversify to show our business partners that we are not only a pallet production company, but a business that provides other logistics services efficiently. Accordingly, we are planning to expand our operations and enhance our services business to win customer satisfaction.
  • We work on the efficiency improvement of our processes through the continuous development of the technologies applied (e.g. small batch production efficiency improvement) and our operations.
  • Alongside the above, we must continuously strive to reduce our environmental load (e.g. by introducing and developing selective waste collection) and to use natural resources more efficiently.

Our management is committed to constant development, the continuous efficiency improvement of our infrastructure and processes, ongoing professional training, environment protection, prevention of environmental pollution, continuous increase of our environmental performance, as well as to
compliance with the relevant quality and environmental requirements.

It is important for us to nurture a mutually valuable relation with our suppliers and we seek long term partnerships that benefit all stakeholders. Quality and environmental management is a key duty and responsibility of the management and all employees. Accordingly, all employees are responsible for the quality of their work and continuous development, and attend their duties to promote the satisfaction of our customers and business partners. The line managers encourage their staff to pursue ongoing professional development.

Protection of the environment is a priority, therefore, it is our duty to increase the sense of responsibility for the protection of our environment. We take all efforts to pursue our operations with minimum load on the environment, so we use environmental resources economically, including natural wood we use as raw material for our products.

We have an ISO 9001 standard compliant quality management system and a closely related ISO 14001 standard compliant environmental management system to achieve our quality and environmental goals.
We establish, maintain and optimise the personnel, assets, communication and methodology required for the integrated quality and environment management system.

Csaba Pikó
managing director

Füzesgyarmat, 01 March 2016

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