Can be used in more forms: as ordinary pallet collar or completed with a lid, can be turned into a box. Can be taken apart and folded up, so you can save place in your warehouse.

The nature of the pallet collars:

  • Strong and durable
  • Easily to handled
  • Long life
  • Made of quality planed wood and galvanized steel
  • Can be recycled and environment friendly
  • Excellent advertisement surface with a label
  • Easily fixed
  • Variable
  • Easy to store

Custom made

Depending on the needs and products, what sort of pallet collars you need. That’s why we can adjust the dimensions to your products, so your goods are more safe.

The most typical pallet sizes:

  • 1200 × 800 mm (for EUR pallets)
  • 1200 × 1000 mm
  • 800 × 600 mm

The sides of the pallet collars can be increased from 600 mm to 2400 mm.

In one or taken apart

The pallet collars can be used in many ways. Can be a simple pallet collar, but if you complete it with a lid, can be turned into a box. The steel corners make the stacking easy.

But if you have nothing to put n them, can be taken apart and folded up, so you can save a lot of space in your warehouse.

Important data
Who do we recommend this: to transport sensitive, fragile goods
Dimensions: adjusts to standard pallets
Carrying capacity: adjusts to standard pallets

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