Pallet manufacturing in 5+1 steps (second part)

In the first part of our series we’ve introduced the first 3 main step of pallet producing: to choose the best material, deliveries and the production of pallet elements. It becomes clear in the second part, how does the pallet assembling work, it’s drying, storing and we show you how our order trucking system works.

4. Step: Pallet assembling

To assemble different types of pallets is on an automated line in the next 4 steps: Placing the pallet elements on the line, joins-nailing, different kid of markings on he pallets and other works on it, or stacking (accordingly to the customer’s needs, stacked or nested).

The nailing line’s work

Works an automated line. Firs step: (manually) the different sized elements get placed in the nailing machine, where the individually designed templates fit them, and the hydraulic clamping unit squeezes them together.
Then the nailing comes, this is when we assemble the pallets by squeezing the fasteners in using a hydraulic clamping unit. We use conformed fasteners which size, and design depending on the standards and specifications of the planned pallet type.

Placement of pallet markings

Keep going on the automated line, the next unit transfers the assembled pallets and gives them the wanted markings: Golden Pallet trademark, standard markings, individual markings, IPPC marking-fumigation, (Country: HU : the country’s official 2 letter short version XX: Registration Number :HT (Heat treated) short version of the English expression, DB: (Debarked) short version of the English expression.

Organization into stacks and storage

Burning in markings and other works on the pallets (cutting off corners) as a last phase we stack the pallets and with forklift trucks we deliver them to the wanted place.
Thankfully to our automated lines we are able to produce any kind of pallets- to adjust ourselves to the needs of our customers. Ideally 3-4 pallets come off of our lines per minute, independently from its type.

Continuous Quality control

In every phase of the production (from pallet elements to the ready pallet) we spot –check the size, the surface of cutting surface, accuracy of fittings,
elaboration of surface, quality of fasteners and edges.

5. Step: Fumigation and/or kiln drying

According to the needs of our customers our pallets can be fumigated and/or kiln dried, placed or delivered to the wanted place.

Process of Kiln Drying

The nature of the drying, to bring the moisture content under a certain point (in case of standard pallets 22%), to increase value, ensuring compliance with standards, fungus-freeness, or the security of the transported goods. The specific gravity after drying can be 35-50% less., so the taken away moisture leaves as steam or genuine moisture. In a big capacity drying chamber at the same time 3-4000 pallets can be dried.
We put an extra effort into, when drying, not just dry on the surface, but to extract to moisture, to insure the dry frame. Thankfully to this our pallet do not get “wet afterwards either”.

Sustained Control

Pallet drying is different to other classic timber drying, because needs to extract a lot o moist quickly. Many times the moisture content at the beginning is: 60-0%. The process itself requires sustained control, because in 1 species there is different property wood. This control at ours is done by a well developed computer system and well-trained specialist.

5+1 Step: Individual order trucking system

Besides producing quality pallets, we put an extra effort into the needs of our customers, so we’ve developed an individual order trucking system for them.

The system includes:

  • Confirmations from actual orders
  • Information’s about the states of the production (start of production, and estimated finishing time, quality control)

Framework contract

On the top of this we give the opportunity for the so called: Framework contract, when the buyer orders a bigger amount at once, and has it delivered in smaller amount at times.

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